About Us


Sakari is the creator of GeokoneĀ and co-founder of OmniGeometry. He is a self-taught programmer, artist and has a bachelor degree in automation engineering.

He has always been immensely interested in understanding what is truly behind the structure of our reality and seeing how things work at the core level of our existence. This interest is what lead him to start working with sacred geometry and developing GeoKone.

In 2010 Sakari wanted to understand the meaning behind numbers, the symbols we use everyday in our life. The same symbols that math, physics and geometry used to describe the structure of our reality. Why did the number 5 represent five different things, and why did 2 + 3 suddenly transform into the symbol 5 ? What was the deeper meaning behind our geometric symbolic language ?

Being a visual thinker, he started drawing the symbols from many different viewpoints. Doing it manually or using existing software proved too difficult, so Sakari started to write his own software for visualizing simple polygonal shapes representing numbers. Recursion, or fractality, was added to the mix, and soon his software was capable of creating beautiful, life-like sacred geometry patterns. In 11/11/11 the first version of GeoKone was released and after 6 years of fine tuning and updating the software it has evolved into OmniGeometry.