About Us


Sakari is the creator of Geokone and co-founder of OmniGeometry. He is a self-taught programmer, artist and has a bachelor degree in automation engineering. He is walking the fine path between the physical and the spiritual world, working also as a channeler and a healer.

He has always been immensely interested in understanding what is truly behind the structure of our reality and seeing how things work at the core level of our existence. This interest is what lead him to start working with sacred geometry and developing GeoKone.

In 2010 Sakari wanted to understand the meaning behind numbers, the symbols we use everyday in our life. The same symbols that math, physics and geometry used to describe the structure of our reality. Why did the number 5 represent five different things, and why did 2 + 3 suddenly transform into the symbol 5 ? What was the deeper meaning behind our geometric symbolic language ?

Being a visual thinker, he started drawing the symbols from many different viewpoints. Doing it manually or using existing software proved too difficult, so Sakari started to write his own software for visualizing simple polygonal shapes representing numbers. Recursion, or fractality, was added to the mix, and soon his software was capable of creating beautiful, life-like sacred geometry patterns. In 11/11/11 the first version of GeoKone was released and after 6 years of fine tuning and updating the software it has evolved into OmniGeometry.


Gustavo Castañer is the founder of Ascended Relationships and co-founder of OmniGeometry. He is a relationship strategist, remote healing specialist and avid surfer. He also is a online marketing expert that specializes in helping coaches, healers and conscious entrepreneurs taking their mission global.

Gustavo intuitively developed the skill to infuse Sacred Geometry mandalas with higher intents so that they can be transformed into tools for energy healing and consciousness expansion.

While participating in a sacred ceremony of Ayahuasca, Gustavo was shown in a series of visions how Sacred Geometry was the foundation of nature and reality as a whole. Right there he proceeded to ask the spirit of Ayahuasca how he could help other people experience the healing and consciousness shifting powers of Sacred Geometry in order to assist in earth's and humanity's ascension.

He was told that he would be guided and supported to find the right people and resources to make this intent a reality. Shortly after that transcendental event Gustavo found Sakari and learned directly from Sakari how to create Sacred Geometry using Geokone. Immediately Gustavo recognized the deep connection Sakari had to Sacred Geometry and knew that they could work together to fulfill the mission that had been previously revealed.