Mission and Vision


Our mission is to assist humanity ascend, heal and experience more harmonious states of consciousness through the power of Sacred Geometry. We aim to fulfill this mission by allowing people to tap their inner divine creativity and inner connectedness with the Uni-verse through the use of OmniGeometry and its Interactive Recursive Geometry Generator (Geokone).



Our vision is of a world where humans have a direct experience of the divine mechanics that bring into manifestation and govern the Uni-verse. Sacred Geometry can be found all the way from galaxies to our own bodies, it is literally omnipresent.


Gustavo Castaner had been using Sacred Geometry for consciousness expansion and healing for almost a decade. During this time period Gustavo discovered how energy mandalas could embody and transmit the power of Sacred Geometry. Mandalas can be drawn by hand or can be created digitally. Using technology to create mandalas however provides a more accurate measure and symmetry between the points, lines and angles used to create Sacred Geometry. Naturally Gustavo wanted to create his own digital mandalas, this however was turning out to be a rather challenging thing to accomplish. Gustavo spent countless hours on the internet researching how to create digital Sacred Geometry but ran into the following challenges:

  1. Overwhelmed by disjointed information, recommendations and strategies.
  2. Most of the how to do information on creating Sacred Geometry was to design the most commonly known Sacred Geometry forms but not the unique and intricate mandalas that he was envisioning.
  3. Required expensive and overly complicated programs like Photoshop and Adobe Image.

Gustavo then tried reaching out to already established creators of Sacred Geometry to see if they could teach him how to create his own designs. Some people responded positively by sharing information on how to go about this task but unfortunately their recommendations required the use of Photoshop, Adobe Image and other complex softwares.

Gustavo was about to give up on his search. Then while partaking in an Ayahuasca ceremony Gustavo had a direct and transcendental experience with Sacred Geometry. During these visions, Gustavo shared with the spirit of Ayahuasca his intent to use Sacred Geometry for the ascension of earth and humanity. He asked Ayahuasca for help to fulfill this mission and he was told that he would receive all necessary assistance and support to make this a reality.

Shortly after this experience Gustavo found Sakari Lehtonen, the creator of Geokone, and asked him if he could teach him how to create Sacred Geometry mandalas using Geokone. Long story short, Gustavo and Sakari started working together and during one of those training sessions Gustavo asked Sakari if he would like to teach people all over the world how to use Geokone.

Sakari and Gustavo became partners and founded OmniGeometry with the intent to share the transformational power of Sacred Geometry with the world. Finally allowing people to get access to an user friendly interactive software that can create mesmerizing and transcendental Sacred Geometry patterns.



In 2010 Sakari wanted to understand the meaning behind numbers, the symbols we use everyday in our life. The same symbols that math, physics and geometry use to describe the structure of our reality. Why did the number 5 represent five different things, and why did 2 + 3 suddenly transform into the symbol 5 ? What was the deeper meaning behind our geometric symbolic language ?

Being a visual thinker, he started drawing the symbols from many different viewpoints. Doing it manually or using existing software proved too difficult, so Sakari started to write his own software for visualizing simple polygonal shapes representing numbers. Recursion, or fractality, was added to the mix, and soon his software was capable of creating beautiful, life-like sacred geometry patterns. In 11/11/11 the first version of GeoKone.NET was released for the public to use.

While developing GeoKone, Sakari noticed the effects that creating sacred geometry can have on his state of being. He notied long term positive effects in his state of consciousness and thinking during this time. Creating sacred geometry allowed him to connect the dots in his thinking, almost like bridging many different areas of thought together and activating the intersection of rational and creative aspects simultaneously. Something magical can happen at this point, that has to be felt, experienced. The feeling can be very uplifting, meditative, healing and even life changing, as reported by many users of GeoKone.

Many users shared the message that using GeoKone was was meditative, calming, activating and even healing. Something magical was happening when people were creating sacred geometry with GeoKone, and this motivated Sakari to continue working on the subject and bringing forwards the direct experience of sacred geometry.

OmniGeometry is the culmination of six years of work and research on the subject, with the goal to create the best sacred geometry software this planet has seen and let people experience directly and personally the enlightening effects of creating sacred geometry can have!